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'A red team is an independent group that challenges an organisation to improve its effectiveness.'


We have a unique understanding of improvised explosive devices and other related threats. Our experience in this area extends across motives, tactics, and techniques. We use this to deliver pragmatic and focused training and consulting services. 


The benefits of engaging contractors includes a reduction of internal training burden (specifically in time spent preparing and running courses, and time spent building devices); a transparent and independent view point (hence objective analysis); a reduction in subjective peer assessment; allowing staff to focus on primary duties; ensuring consistency in objective training assessment on courses; and ensuring variety in device types during continuity or ongoing skills maintenance.

Red Team is a specialised company whose principle staff hold over two decades of experience in bomb disposal including service in a variety of roles from counterinsurgency operations in warlike environments to domestic counter terrorism support.


Our knowledge and experience will provide quality and professional support to your existing and future organisational needs as well as training activities.  We are proudly 100% Australian and Veteran owned.

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Or click HERE to learn more about the Red Team joint directors and some experience examples 

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