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Further targeting of commercial planes in Africa

A soldier was killed when a suspected bomb exploded on 7 March at an airport in Somalia as security staff inspected luggage for an outgoing flight. The bomb likely was hidden in electronic equipment. Two explosive devices - disguised as a laptop and another electronic gadget - were recovered earlier Monday at Beledweyne Airport, Western officials said.

The explosive device used in the 2 February attack on the Daallo Airlines flight (leaving Mogadishu) was built into a laptop computer, and it appears that the 1 hour delay to departure has been added to the list of possible reasons why the device functioned before the aircraft reached it's cruising altitude (thus not causing explosive decompression that is usually the objective of aircraft bombings). Officials have referred to the construction as "sophisticated" and noted that it got past X-ray machines at the airport, a source close to the investigation told CNN, raising concerns about security measures at airports across Africa and internationally.

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